When will the Keychron K6 Pro be available?

Recently, Keychron has taken the format of soliciting buyers on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter before the official release of new models.

The Keychron K8 Pro, contracted on March 15, 2022, was also successfully sold in Japan.

The author is focusing on the sales schedule for the Keychron K6 Pro, whose crowdfunding recently closed.

This article will provide an estimated timeline for the official domestic sales of the Keychron K6 Pro.

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Is the Keychron K6 Pro due out in January 2023?

First, let’s check the sales schedule of the Keychron K8 Pro, which recently completed domestic sales in Japan, after the crowdfunding ends, in order to reference the domestic sales schedule of the Keychron K6 Pro.

  • March 15, 2022|Crowdfunding ends
  • Early May 2022|Arrival of goods
  • July 2022|Start of general sales on keychron.com
  • Sales in Japan will commence on September 12, 2022.

Reference: Kickstarter / keychron.com

Based on this, we will predict a release date for the Keychron K6 Pro.

  • September 2, 2022|Crowdfunding Ends ( Confirmed )
  • Early October 2022|Arrival of crowd-funded products ( Confirmation of schedule to be sent in October )
  • October 2022|Start of general sales on keychron.com (Pre-orders will be shipped after October)
  • January 2023|Start of sales in Japan

Thus, based on the sales schedule of the Keychron K8 Pro We can expect official sales on the official website in October 2022 and official sales in Japan around January 2023.

If you can’t wait, consider PreOrder.

私が普段愛用しているキーボードの多くは「65%レイアウト」となっており、Keychron K6は外出先での入力デバイスとして非常に重宝しています。

Compared to the NuPhy®︎ Halo65, which I use as my main machine, the NuPhy®︎ Halo65 is lighter and more portable, and I like it very much.

Keychron K6 has the disadvantage of a plastic body, which makes it difficult to achieve the “dead” keystroke feel of Halo65 or Keychron Q2, and it has a high-pitched sound.

However, carrying the heavy Halo65 and Keychron Q2 is a bit of a challenge…


I have inserted a homemade silicon pad to make it quieter, but it is not that effective.

What I expect from the Keychron K6 Pro is this thoroughly silent mechanism rather than the keymap customization feature.

Probably, the key feel will be on a different level from that of the unmarked K6.

PreOrder is currently available on the official website, so those who want it as soon as possible should consider it.

Keychron K6 Pro PreOrder

If you don’t have to carry it with you, consider the NuPhy Halo65!



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