NuPhy Halo75 Review! With the new keyswitches, it’s shaping up to be a big hit.

NuPhy announced the new NuPhy Halo 75 model on November 8, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. (CST) and began pre-orders.

The Halo 75 is the second in the Halo series, a normal profile mechanical keyboard with a 75% layout that features the top row of function keys of the NuPhy Halo 65, released in September 2022.

The basic specs are not so different from Halo 65, but in addition to the “Gateron Baby Kangaroo” that was very popular in Halo 65, there are three new key switches to choose from: “Gateron Baby Raccoon”, “Night Breeze”, and “Rose Glacier”. The new “Gateron Baby Raccoon,” “Night Breeze,” and “Rose Glacier” key switches are highly anticipated.

This model is located in the middle of the Halo series, and its universal layout makes it a good choice for any user.

NuPhy Halo Series

This article will provide an actual device review of the Halo75.

NuPhy Halo 75
( 4.5 )
  • ファンクションキー搭載で誰にでも使いやすい
  • 配色がおしゃれ
  • オリジナルキースイッチの打鍵感が素晴らしい
  • 重量が1200gと重く、持ち運びには向いていない
  • US配列のみでJIS配列がない
  • タクタイルスイッチが特徴的となっているため好みが大きい
author (usu. of a particular book, etc.)

Representative of GreenEchoes Studio

Ryosuke Kawamura

He launched his own media as a site operator and web writer, and now plans and manages multiple corporate media. He often types heavily in his work, and in his search for greater efficiency, he became addicted to the keyboard swamp and established “GreenKeys”.


About the features of Halo series|Anyway, it’s stylish and cute!

The Halo series jumps off the page, it’s catchy, it pops!

Such a cute and stylish keyboard is rarely sold in Japan.

It looks so good that even those who are not familiar with keyboards at all will want to have it.

It is the perfect coloring for Macs based on white and gray.

In addition, the fact that it can be changed to a chic look by combining it with a replacement keycap is also very favorable.

(Image by Halo65)

Halo75 Overview

Image reference: NuPhy

Here are some of the unique specifications of Halo 75.


Package Contents

  • 1 x halo75 wireless mechanical keyboard
  • 1 x usb-c to usb-a cable (1.5 m)
  • 1 x 2.4g receiver
  • 1 x keycap/switch puller
  • 17 x extra keycaps
  • 7 x extra switches
  • 1 x quick guide/poster
  • 1 x stickers

Technical Specifications


  • switch type: gateron g-pro v2/baby kangaroo switches
  • layout: ansi 75
  • number of keys: 83 keys
  • hot-swappable support: yes
  • n-key rollover support: yes
  • backlight & sidelight: rgb-led
  • backlight modes: 10
  • sidelight modes: 4
  • halolight modes: 4
  • mode: 2.4G wireless, bluetooth 5.0 or wired
  • battery capacity: 4000mAh
  • working time (all lights on): up to 48 hours (lab test result)
  • working time (all lights off): up to 240 hours (lab test result)
  • connection type: usb type-c
  • compatible system: macos/windows/android/ios
  • angle: 5.5º/ 8.5º/ 11º
  • Operating environment: -10 to 50°C


  • frame: aluminum
  • bottom case: abs
  • keycap: double-shot pbt


  • 12.5 inch x 4.5 inch x 1.48 inch
  • 318.1 mm x 114.4 mm x 37.5 mm


  • 2.20 pound
  • 1000 grams

Beautiful lighting shining on aluminum frame

Halo” refers to a “band of light.”

Yes, Halo 75 is characterized by its beautiful lighting.

If you follow the lighting leaking from the inorganic, dignified aluminum frame, you will find a band of light in the center of the frame.

I can honestly say that I have never encountered a keyboard with such beautiful lighting.

The clear acrylic wrist rest, which can be purchased as a set, is a perfect match.

Up to 4 wireless/USB connections

The Halo75 can be connected to up to four different devices and can switch between them each time.

Mac /Windows users without Bluetooth connectivity can also connect without problems using the included USB receiver (USB Type A) that supports the 2.4 GHz bandwidth.

Nuphy Halo 65-Side View

It also has a USB Type-C connector, allowing for a wired connection if preferred.

It works well with curled cords.

Compatible with Mac and Windows

Halo75 is available for Windows as well as Mac.

Switching from Mac to Windows is easy by replacing the included keycaps.

Very high quiet performance

The Halo75 has a high level of noise protection.

After all, it is no exaggeration to say that “keystroke sound” determines the quality of a mechanical keyboard.

Halo75 shuts out excess reverberation by placing silicone inside the space bar, which has a large cavity and is prone to resonance.

In addition, multiple layers of silicone are built in, resulting in a very tight key feel.

As a test, we installed Baby Kangaroo on another keyboard to compare the keystroke sound, but it still could not reproduce the “tightness” of the Halo series.

Luxurious trouble with a choice of 4 types of newly developed key switches

Three new key switches join NuPhy with the release of Halo75.

Gateron × NuPhy KeySwiches

Switch TypeOperating ForceTotal TravelKeystroke
Night BreezeLinier42±5gf3.3±0.3mmsoft low tone
Rose GlacierTactile60±5gf3.3±0.3mmsoft low tone
Gateron Baby RaccoonLinier55±8gf3.6±0.2mmsoprano
Gateron Baby KangarooTactile59.8±8gf3.4mmMaxsoprano

With the addition of Baby Kangaroo, which was added in time for the release of Halo 65, there are four new key switches to choose from.

Of course, Halo75 is hot-swappable.

All switches are characterized by short strokes.

Would love to try any of the switches!

Review of the Halo 75 and its advantages and disadvantages compared to the Halo 65!

What is still of interest is the difference from Halo 65, which was released before Halo 75.

This section discusses the similarities and differences between Halo 75 and Halo 65.

Advantage 1: Excellent keystroke feel

What is important in a mechanical keyboard is the “keystroke feel. is the “keystroke feel.

Generally, I think that the key feel of the keyswitches is important, but personally, I think that the “parts = components” that make up the keyboard are very important.

Sound always “reverberates,” so no matter how sharp the keyswitch may sound, if the case or internal structure supporting it is slender, it will naturally reverberate throughout the entire structure.

As a result, the result could be disappointing: “The keystroke feel is good, but it’s kind of noisy.

After all, in mechanical keyboards, a “dead” feeling (i.e., little reverberation) is comfortable to the ear, and as a result, leads to a “pleasant” inner feel.

Keychron’s Q series is the result of this pursuit.

Click here for a list of Keychron products ▷▷▷

The double gasket construction + metal case construction makes it possible to type with a low reverberation sound and a pleasant “kotokotoko” sound no matter which keyswitch is replaced.

Image credit: Keychron

On the other hand, the metal case makes it very heavy and not something that can be carried very easily.

In this regard, we felt that the Halo series was very ingenious in creating a “dead” feel reminiscent of Keychron’s Q series by incorporating a lightweight metal case and multiple layers of silicone pads.

Image credit: NuPhy

Thanks to this ingenuity, the Halo series is lighter than Keychron’s Q series.

The effect of this thorough silicon noise reduction is outstanding, creating a very tight keystroke feel with little reverberation.

This is true for the entire Halo series, and the Halo 75 is no different, with a dead, tight typing experience.

This excellent keystroke sound is one of the major advantages of the Halo75.

The space bar, which is generally prone to a hollow sound, has also been processed to reduce noise, resulting in a very tight keystroke sound.

Advantage 2: Easy to use with function keys.

As you can see from the image, Halo65 has no function keys.

While a typical keyboard should have “six rows” horizontally, the Halo65 has only “five”.

Therefore, “Katakana conversion = F7”, which will always be used for Japanese input, must be pressed in combination with Fn and must be pressed in combination with Fn.

or the similar shortcut key “ control + (Mac) or “Ctrl K (Mac)” or “ Ctrl + (Mac) or I (Windows)”, a combination that you are not accustomed to typing.

Especially for those who have mastered the blind touch, it will be a difficult task to correct the habit of “Kana conversion = F7” because it is hard to break the habit of typing.

(In Japanese, the F7 key is used to convert hiragana to katakana using the space key, but in English-speaking countries and others, the function keys may not be that important because there is no “conversion” process itself.)


All of my favorite keyboards are function keyless.
It still took me quite a while to get used to it.

Based on the above, it can be said that “Halo65” is still difficult to be accepted in the Japanese market.

The reason why HHKB is so well known but not widely used is probably because it has the same “65% array”.

More keyboards in 65% size ▷▷▷

On the other hand As for Halo75, the “75% layout” includes function keys that are familiar to the Japanese. the “75% layout” is

The Japanese market has a Halo75 will certainly be more popular.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that Halo65 would be better received in English-speaking countries and elsewhere.

Advantage 3: New “Baby Raccoon” switch can be selected

A distinctive difference between Halo65 and Halo75 is the different key switches that can be selected.

Please see the table here.

Night Breeze(Linier)
Rose Glacier(Tactile)
Gateron Baby Raccoon(Linier)long vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)
Gateron Baby Kangaroo(Tactile)
Add Extra Switches

Add Extra Switches

Add Extra Switches
Gateron G Pro Red 2.0
Add Extra Switches

Add Extra Switches

Add Extra Switches
Gateron G Pro Brown 2.0
Add Extra Switches

Add Extra Switches

Add Extra Switches
Gateron G Pro Bule 2.0Add Extra SwitchesAdd Extra SwitchesAdd Extra Switches
Gateron G Pro Yellow 2.0Add Extra SwitchesAdd Extra SwitchesAdd Extra Switches
Gateron G Pro White 2.0Add Extra SwitchesAdd Extra SwitchesAdd Extra Switches
Gateron G Pro Silver 2.0Add Extra SwitchesAdd Extra SwitchesAdd Extra Switches

Thus, the Gateron Baby Raccoon Switch can only be selected for Halo 75 and Halo 96, not Halo 65.

Individual sales have not yet begun, so if you want to use the Baby Raccoon Switch at this time, your only option is to choose Halo 75 or Halo 96.

Demerit 1: No Japanese-language layout

Nuphy Halo 65-Front

The Halo75, like the rest of the Halo series, has only US-array models, and there is no Japanese-array model in the lineup.

Most Macs and PCs sold in Japan are “Japanese-language” models, and many people may not be familiar with the US layout.

In particular, when typing Japanese, the user frequently needs to “convert→confirm” and “switch between alphanumeric and hiragana,” so the space key is shortened and the “alphanumeric/kana” key on the Mac and the “full/half-width” key on Windows are provided independently to pursue “simplicity in language switching.

On the other hand, in the US keyboard, the frequently used space keys are longer and occupy more space than in the JIS keyboard so that they are easier to press, and the less frequently used Enter key has a smaller area than in the JIS keyboard.

To switch between alphanumeric and kana, press control + (Mac) or Spece (Mac)” or “ Alt + (Mac) or ~ (English) (Windows)” to switch between alphanumeric and katakana, again requiring familiarity.


The US sequence is nothing to worry about once you get used to it.
I got used to it within a week.

Disadvantage 2: New tactile switches are quite peculiar and require attention.

One of the unique features of NuPhy keyboards is the availability of original key switches and those developed in collaboration with Gateron.

Gateron × NuPhy KeySwiches

Switch TypeOperating ForceTotal TravelKeystroke
Night BreezeLinier42±5gf3.3±0.3mmsoft low tone
Rose GlacierTactile60±5gf3.3±0.3mmsoft low tone
Gateron Baby RaccoonLinier55±8gf3.6±0.2mmsoprano
Gateron Baby KangarooTactile59.8±8gf3.4mmMaxsoprano

Particular attention should be paid to the “two types of tactile switches”.

Compared to a typical Gateron Brown Switch, it has a much bumpier feel, and in addition, it has a short travel, which may be confusing to those who want to press down firmly on the keys.

In addition, the Rose Glacier tactile switches require a considerable amount of pushing before they work, and since they have a reasonable amount of pressure, prolonged typing may tire the user easily.

When choosing between these two types of tactile switches, we recommend Baby Kangaoo.

As for Night Breeze / Baby Raccoon, nothing to worry about.

Both are well pre-lubricated and have a very smooth typing feel.

Choose Night Breeze if you prefer a light keystroke feel and a slightly lower keystroke sound, or choose Baby Raccoon if you prefer a slightly heavier feel and a higher pitched keystroke sound like Gateron Oilking.

Halo 75 Launch Milestones

In fact, Halo75 was officially declared for release on social networking sites.

This article was first drafted on September 30, but I did not know about this tweet lol.

From this point on, there was no word at all, but suddenly, in November, the release of Halo 75 was announced on Gateron’s official Instagram.

Then, on November 6, NuPhy officials finally made the official announcement.


そして、11月8日日本時間19時30分に「Halo 75」がリリースされました!



NuPhy Halo 75の取り扱い説明書について



NuPhy®︎ Halo75の取扱説明書(マニュアル)
  • Winモード:本体上部のスライダーを「Win」に合わせる
  • Macモード:本体上部のスライダーを「Mac」に合わせる
  • スイッチ右:電源を切る
  • スイッチ中央:有線モード
  • スイッチ左|ワイヤレスモード

FN+ Q / W / E / R

= Bluetooth1 / Bluetooth2 / Bluetooth2/ 2.4GHz(レシーバー接続)




  • FN + :バックライトモードの切り替え
  • FN + :バックライトカラーの切り替え
  • FN + ↑↓:バックライトを明るく/暗く
  • FN + , or .:ライトスピードの増加/減少
  • FN + H + :リングライトモードの切り替え
  • FN + H + :リングライトカラーの切り替え
  • FN + H + ↑↓:リングライトを明るく/暗く
  • FN + H + , or .:リングライトスピードの調整
  • FN + ? + :サイドライトモードを切り替える
  • FN + ? + :サイドライトのカラーを切り替える
  • FN + ? +↑↓:サイドライトを明るく/暗く
  • FN + ? + , or .:サイドライトスピードの調整



FN + ハサミ :画面全体をスクリーンショット


ハサミ :画面全体をスクリーンショット

  • FN + |(縦線):電池残量を確認
  • FN + ]:電池残量を右側のライトで常時点灯
  • FN + |(縦線):電池残量の常時点灯をキャンセル






Halo75 is not yet available through an authorized distributor in Japan, so please purchase from the official website.



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