Keychron K7 is now available from authorized Japanese distributor KOPEK JAPAN

Keychron’s authorized distributor in Japan, Kopec Japan, announced the launch of the Keychron K7 low-profile mechanical keyboard on Twitter on November 2, 2022.

Purchases can be made through Rakuten Ichiba as well as SUPERKOPEK.

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What is Keychron K7?

Keychron K7 is a keyboard that utilizes “low-profile mechanical switches,” which are shorter than typical mechanical keyboards.

The K7 is a “65% layout” keyboard that omits the topmost function keys, and its compactness has made it popular among “HHKB users” and others.

Another popular advantage is its portability, making it easy to use on the go.

Users who are particularly particular about typing often adopt the “sonji style” of using their favorite mechanical keyboard on top of the laptop computer’s keyboard (on top of the keyboard bridge), even when on the road, and the author is one of these users.

However, a regular keyboard, because of its certain thickness, inevitably puts a lot of strain on the wrist and is never something that can be used with pleasure.

This is where low-profile mechanical keyboards come in.

As shown in the photo above, a low-profile mechanical keyboard allows comfortable typing without wrist pain because the keyboard itself is thin.

Low-profile keyboard available in noble style

Of these, Air60 is the only other option that can be comfortably used in a 65% layout.
This has expanded the range of options with the release of K7.

Keychron K7 has a choice of optical switches

Keychron K7 offers a choice of hot-swappable “optical switches” only on the “RGB Light” model.

(Only Gateron low-profile key switches are selectable with white LEDs)

Currently, there are very few low-profile mechanical key switches on the market, and only three companies, Gateron/Keycheon/Kailh, offer them.
I did not like Gateron/Kailh because no matter which axis I chose, “the feel of the press is distinctly different” from that of the normal profile. In particular, it is slow to come back after pressing.
The Keycheon Optical switch, on the other hand, has a firm “come back” feel.

Keychron Low Profile Optical

Red SwitchesBlue SwitchesBrown SwitchesWhite SwitchesYellow SwitchesGreen Switches
key load40±10gf48±10gf57±10gf30±10gf57±10gf67±10gf
Movement to operation1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm1.1±0.3mm
Overall movement2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm2.5±0.3mm
reactionlinearclickytiled tile (mahjong)linearearly bump
early bump

Keychron low-profile optical

Keychron Optical Red
Keychron Optical Blue
Keychron Optical Brown
Keychron Optical White
Keychron Optical Yellow
Keychron Optical Mint

My current on-the-go keyboard is a NuPhy Air 60 (Gateron brown axis), but I think I’m going to flirt with the K7.

I am very confused about whether to use the banana or mint axis.

Added on November 5, 2022

I ended up buying a banana axis and a mint axis.
In addition, I bought a PBT keycap.



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