Idobao x YMDK ID75


  • Homemade mechanical keyboard with grid array (orthogonal array) sold by YMDK
  • Arrangement can be freely determined using QMK Configurator + QMK ToolBox
  • It also has the advantage of training the fingering.
  • Easier to type Japanese compared to Pkanck and Preonic.
  • It looks superbly stylish.

Idobao x YMDK ID75のスペック詳細

Package Contents

  • CNC case plate
  • acrylic plate
  • Hot-swappable PCB
  • CNC High Feet
  • switch coupler
  • Type C Cable
  • Screw Rubber Legs

Rev edition PCBs simply download the VIA software and edit all key codes directly. No toolbox is required. If you need special features, you will need to learn MSYS and VS codes yourself.

To get a fully functional keyboard, you just need keycaps and switches.


  • Designed to improve typing efficiency and reduce finger movement, the 75 Keys aluminum kit includes everything needed to build a functioning mechanical keyboard.
  • All keys can be customized as desired and can be placed in the numeric pad if necessary.
  • Fabricated in CNC’d aluminum, the case is durable and stable. In addition, hot-swappable switch inserts allow switches to be replaced on the fly without picking up a soldering iron.
  • If you want to set the tone with underlighting, the PCB supports RGB LEDs. The Type-C USB connection allows the keyboard to connect to most new laptops and computers.
  • Idobao & YMDK ID75 PCB uses F103 chipset with 128k flash memory card. much larger than 32u4. Switch LEDs support 3528 WS2812s reverse RGB LEDs. You can add your own, or you can add USD5 to add more.
  • Idobao & YMDK ID75 PCB supports VIA software and can be recognized directly from VIA. This edition has 6 layers.
  • If you want special features, you can create files using MSYS and VS code. However, you will need to learn on the website. For regular customers, it is sufficient to use VIA directly.
  • This STM PCB is combined with Idobao & YMDK and sold by YMDK; Idobao sells a separate version (Atm chipset).

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