How to physically prevent typing errors on mechanical keyboards

I think that the one thing that mechanical keyboard users go through at least once is “miss-touching” due to differences in keyboard layout.

In particular, keyboards with a tenkey-less layout, such as a 75% layout, and with special keys arranged in a single row on the right side, tend to have a lot of “miss-touches,” even if you are used to them.

This article describes how to physically prevent miss-touching on mechanical keyboards.

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Typical example of a keyboard that would have a lot of typos and mistypes.

This is just a rule of thumb, but I believe that the keys that are frequently mistouched on mechanical keyboards are “keys that are frequently pressed with the right pinky finger.

A particularly frequent layout is the “75% layout” keyboard.

Let’s start with an example key layout.

Thus, the more keys that are omitted, the more keys that could not be omitted are consolidated on the right edge.

In particular, the “special keys” shown in green in the figure are placed in the right column.

If you look closely, you will notice that these special keys are located to the right of the “backspace key” and the “Enter key,” which are frequently typed.

…In short, you could say that the keys next to the “right hand pinky typing” keys are the “frequently miss-typed” keys.

And the keys that fit this criteria are limited to keyboards that are “more compact than 75% layout”.

Typical keyboards with frequent missteps are listed below.

75% layout

Find 75% layout keyboard ▷▷▷


There is no concern about wrong input if the right row is physically independent, such as Keychron Q1/Q10/V1.

70% layout

Find 70% layout keyboard ▷▷▷

65% layout

Find 65% layout keyboard ▷▷▷

How to prevent typing errors on a mechanical keyboard

Here are three ways to “physically” prevent word strike.

  1. Remove the keycap.
  2. Remove the keyswitch
  3. Attach the key lock
  4. replace the keyboard

Remove the keycap.

The quickest solution to prevent word strike is to “make it impossible to press”.

Therefore, by removing the keycaps, it is possible to create an environment where the keycaps cannot be “pressed” to some extent.

However, the possibility remains that it could be pushed in any direction, and in addition, it is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Remove the keyswitch

Image reference: NuPhy

In addition to the above, if the entire keyswitch is removed, word-striking is physically eliminated.

However, in addition to being visually unattractive, the disadvantage is that dust can accumulate in the area where the circuit board is exposed.

Also, this method will not work unless the keyboard is hot-swappable.

Install a key lock (recommended!)

Image credit: Diatech, Inc.

The most recommended method is to install this “key lock”.

This would make it “physically impossible to press” without removing the keycaps and leaving the keyswitches in place.

Image credit: Diatech, Inc.
Image credit: Diatech, Inc.

The product is sold by “Dia Tech Corporation,” a company that sells keyboards and palm rests under the FILCO brand, and its reliability is outstanding.

However, this key lock cannot be used for low-profile key switches.

Note that the use is limited to “Cherry MX” key switches only.

In addition, note that the following keyswitches cannot be used.

Unavailable keyswitches

  • Keys that are not 1U in size, such as Enter /Space /Shift
  • ESC / Function keys Top row of etc.

Keyswitches not warranted for use

  • Keyboards with Cherry MX compatible key switches

→This site is for introduction only. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the operation.

replace the keyboard

One way to do this would be to take the plunge and replace the keyboard.

Although it will no longer have mechanical key switches, the MX Mini can be typed very comfortably because the function keys are not arranged on the right side and it also has function keys.

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The above has described how to physically prevent miss-touching during keyboard input.

It is still best to “get used to it”, but it is very difficult to correct long-standing habits….

In such cases, a “key lock” may be a good solution.

They were keyboard chips.



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