HHKB and REALFORCE in the Amazon Black Friday Sale: 5-15% Discount Opportunity|End December 1, 2022 at 23:59

Turns out what the Amazon Black Friday sale is all about!

5-15% off HHKB and REALFORCE!

From midnight on November 25, 2022 to 11:59 p.m. on December 1, 2022

PFU Corporation is holding a Black Friday sale at the official Amazon store.

This is an opportunity to obtain eligible products at a significantly lower price than the regular sale price.

Following the Amazon Time Sale held in October, the targeted products are HHKB Professional HYBRID /HHHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S and the new “REALFORCE PFU Limited Edition and optional accessories set The HHKB is discounted by 2,000 yen (including tax) with the coupon, and the “REALFORCE PFU Limited Edition and optional accessories set” is 15% off.

The Black Friday sale will last until 23:59 on December 1, 2022, so if you missed the previous time sale, this is your chance.

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Black Friday Sale Items

Discounted products

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HYBRID Type-S

→Discount 2,000 yen discount (tax included)

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HYBRID

→Discount 2,000 yen discount (tax included)

REALFORCE R2 “PFU Limited Edition” set products

→. 15% off

REALFORCE for Mac “PFU Limited Edition” set products

→. 15% off

Click here for a set of REALFORCE

REALFORCE R2「PFU Limited Edition」のセット商品を見る

US Array / Full Size

Japanese language layout / ten-keyless

US layout / ten-keyless

US Array / Full size for Mac only

Japanese-language layout for Mac only / numeric keypad-less

US layout / numeric keyless keypad for Mac only

How to choose HHKB

HHKB Professional Hybrid is a compact keyboard that supports wired and wireless (Mac/Windows compatible).

Featured in this sale are the non-silent model and The discounts have been expanded from the August sale to include both the Type-S, which is a quiet model. The sale does not apply to the

The discount is a flat rate of “2,000 yen (tax included) The discount is a flat rate of “2,000 yen (including tax)”, making it very affordable.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HYBRID

model numberarray (programming, programing)loadkeyboard size
English Array ModelEnglish (US)Equal load (45g)60% Style
English sequence unmarkedEnglish (US)Equal load (45g)60% Style
Japanese-style arrayJapanese (JIS)Equal load (45g)65% Style

The pressing pressure, which is important in selecting a mechanical keyboard, is “45g” and Features a slightly lighter pressing feel than standard mechanical keyboards It is

The push-in depth (stroke width) is set to the standard “4mm (non-silent model)” and “3.8mm (silent model )”.

If you are looking for a firm press, the non-silent model is better than the silent model (stroke width: 3.8 mm).

HHKB capacitance non-contact switch

Hybrid Type-SHybrid
pressing pressure45g45g
Movement to operationprivateprivate
soundextremely quietgentle

HHKB|Keystroke sound samples

HHKB Profesional Hybrid Type-S |Quiet axis
HHKB Profesional Hybrid |Normal Axis

However, nonquiet models are It is not suitable for use in quiet offices.

After all, non-silent models It’s just a lot of clinking.” is “noisy”.

If you are going to purchase, “Type-S” would be the only choice.

Please also check out our sound comparison video!

How to choose REALFORCE

REALFORCE R2 is a keyboard that supports only wired connections.

Like HHKB, it uses the “capacitance non-contact ” input method, which is a mechanism that physically prevents “chattering” from occurring.

This time All models are bearing the “PFU Limited Edition” and have the same pressing pressure of “45g” as the HHKB. The pressure is the same as that of the HHKB.

The regular REALFORCE has a “30g” key feel, which is even lighter than the HHKB, but this time, as a collaborative product with PFU, it has the same typing feel as the HHKB.

If you want independent directional keys, don’t want to carry it around, and want a numeric keypad, this is a better choice than the HHKB above.

It is important to note that the keyboard cannot be used in conjunction with a Mac/Windows keyboard.

While HHKB can be used together regardless of the OS, REALFORCE cannot be used together basically because the key printing and layout differ depending on the model.

REALFORCE R2 “PFU Limited Edition

model numberarray (programming, programing)Silent, APCloadkeyboard size
PFU Limited Edition
Japanese (JIS)Equal load (45g)tenkeyless
PFU Limited Edition
English (US)Equal load (45g)tenkeyless
PFU Limited Edition
English (US)Equal load (45g)full size (computer, e.g.)

REALFORCE for Mac “PFU Limited Edition

model numberarray (programming, programing)Silent, APCloadkeyboard size
PFU Limited Edition
Japanese (JIS)Equal load (45g)tenkeyless
PFU Limited Edition
English (US)Equal load (45g)tenkeyless
PFU Limited Edition
Japanese (JIS)Equal load (45g)full size (computer, e.g.)

The latest model, R3, offers wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.

REALFORCE capacitive non-contact switch

pressing pressure45g (only 45g for R3HG/HH/HE/HF)
variable load
variable load
Movement to operationEquipped with APC function
Models with APC function
soundCalm (non-silent model)
Extremely quiet (silent model)
*R3Mac is a quiet model only.
Calm (non-silent model)
Extremely quiet (silent model)

REALFORCE|Keystroke Sound Samples

REALFORCE R3 Silent |Quiet axis
REALFORCE R2 |Normal axis

All models in this sale are quiet models, so office use will not be a problem.

REALFORCE is very quiet, even in non-quiet models.

The video below is a comparison with R2/R3, but please use it as a reference.



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